Construction Technology

Building Technology

Filler Slab

Lightweight, inexpensive materials such as lowgrade Mangalore tiles, bricks, coconut shells, glass bottles, etc. are used as filler materials in filler slabs to replace the redundant concrete in tension zones.

These materials are laid in the grids of steel reinforcement rods (6mm or 8mm dia.), and concreting is done over them. The concrete mix used is 1:2:4. The grid size depends upon the design, span, and the material used. For Mangalore tiles (size 23cm by 40cm), the grid size is 33cm by 50cm. The slab thickness is 10 centimeters.

This technique saves energy-consuming concrete. Roofs and intermediate floors account for 20-25% of the total cost of the house. This roofing costs 30-35% less than conventionally used concrete roofing. Thus a considerable amount is saved in terms of materials, energy, and cost.

This technique also reduces the unwanted dead load of roofing. Compared to other roofing systems, it is thermally comfortable and has no health hazards. Galvanized iron and asbestos cement sheet roofs dissipate too much heat and are difficult to live under. Also, asbestos cement sheets are long associated with diseases such as lung cancer, hence must be avoided.


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