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Casurina pole treatment

Casurina poles are treated to protect against insects attacking. For this purpose we use boric acid and borax (2:3 for 45 litres of water). The outer skin of Casurina poles are cleaned by removing the barks and its nodes are levelled. After preparation of this liquid chemical, the Casurina poles must be submerged into it completely and should be kept in the same position for next 48 hours, during which, osmosis will take place and the entire sap content of the Casurina poles come out in the chemical solution and the chemical will diffuse into the Casurina poles until the concentration on all sides is equal. After this the casurina poles are taken out from the chemical and it is kept outside to dry in shade for 7 days (Minimum). During this, natural evaporation will occur leaving behind just the chemical content in the stem which will eventually crystallize.


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